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It's free - We do not charge any fee to users for submitting a request and it will always be free!
We are not an Aircon Service providing company - We are an open platform to all Aircon Service providers in the city, which means your search is not limited to a single service provider. Which helps you to better compare the service and charges.
It's your choice - We do not impose an Aircon Service provider or pricing on you. The wide choice of Aircon Service provider, offers and pricing gives you the opportunity to select the best for yourself.
Custom tailored for you - While submitting a request, you can exactly say what your expectations are from the Aircon Service provider, you can add multiple criterias. The responses you receive from the Aircon Service provider will be sorted in order of the match percent to your criterias. This gives you the option to pick the best matching Aircon Service provider in the city.
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StringsSG provides you a platform to get the best suited Aircon Service for your needs.

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Singapore and humidity goes hand in hand. The climatic conditions are such that we have Aircons everywhere, at home, shopping malls, at work. The problem is we fail to realize the importance of its servicing and hence neglect it till we face some severe issues.
So, before you make a permanent damage to your highly used Aircon, get connected with StringsSG and help us to help you for a comfort living. So what are you waiting for? StringsSG is just a click ahead!

Finding the perfect Aircon Service has been made easier with StringsSG! Let us make the search easy and fun for you.
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