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Singapore is one of the wealthiest per capita metropolises on the planet. It is perhaps one of the most clean city with all the latest amenities. However the price to pay for such a life doesn't come easily. Everyone has to work hard to earn that comfortable living here. While getting back home on usual work days we again stress out thinking about the whole lot of work that needs to be done at home. However, today, people look out for alternatives like domestic helpers to look after their household but even that is not quite easy to find. You might have your own specifications like, you might want a helper only later in the evening or you might want a helper speaking the same language as yours or maybe you have a specific budget. Many such issues make this hunt a tedious one and even after several search one may end up with unsatisfactory results. It is depressing right? Hey... no worries… you are at right place now! StringsSG understands the dilemmas and the problems of a good domestic helper hunt.
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Benefits to choose StringsSG as your solution provider:

- You don't have to do the tedious physical search of an agency but let the agencies contact you with their best services once you post your requirement at StringsSG.
- You save on time and energy.
- You don't need to break your head with the legal formalities and paper works as your selected Agency will do all the needful.
- All the agencies associated with StringsSG are extremely professional and have the best maids to provide their clients with.
- If your hiring an independent local Singapore resident as a domestic helper the the legal work is much lesser.

All you need to do is:

  • Submit your request with your specification, budget, hourly or full-time etc. at StringsSG.
  • View responses from independent domestic helpers or agencies with higher match percentage to your criteria.
  • You may choose to initiate conversation with multiple domestic service providers using the integrated chat system.
  • Before finalizing on the domestic helper or maid, make sure to view their profile ratings and reviews.
StringsSG understands that domestic helpers today have become a working couple's indispensible home help. They are no more our luxury but our necessity for a better life. So just leave your specifications and let StringsSG serve you for a comfortable tomorrow with your very own domestic helper.

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